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A global acting community dedicated to the life and teachings of Sanford Meisner
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Sanford Meisner, Jimmy Carville, Martin Barter and friends opened the Sanford Meisner Center for the Arts in Spring of 1995. It was a place to cultivate post grad acting, writing, directing talent, a place to produce some challenging classics as well as cool new pieces, and a place where we could make some indelible (and historical) memories.  All goes without saying. But ultimately Sandy agreed to the idea because he wanted to try to keep Meisner Grads from all programs together.  Students would become thick as thieves whilst in the 2 year program but then often never spoke again after graduation. Sandy lamented the jealousies, politics, skull duggery, and personality clashes that got in the way of the Work, and in the way of Unity.  After all, it takes all kinds to make up Spoon River. And so here we are.  What better way to bring Meisnerites together than a fun and informative forum?  Please bookmark us and putter around for a while, whether it's watching Sydney Pollack's documentary or checking out the actual Program from Sandy's 1994 Gala. This is your house so please make yourself at home.

With long time companion Jimmy Carville, who recently passed away in Bequia June 2022.
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